The Original & Instant Classic

The Protein-Infused Drink that Started it All.

Just add ice-cold water for a delicious, fully functional iced coffee (or tea!) that will power your morning meeting, afternoon spin, or evening run. Low carbs and sugar, but packed with protein and flavour. Premium New Zealand Whey Protein, 100% Coffee, Organic Coconut Sugar, and Richmix – a non-dairy creamer – mix quickly for an easy, unbelievably tasty protein-rich beverage.


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We'll bet you a buck that Polar Joe will be quickly become your favorite protein.

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★★★★★ 5-Star Reviews

"This has absolutely changed my coffee game! I usually make myself an ice coffee at home in the morning and since getting Polar Joe it has been a staple. I feel great knowing that I'm getting my caffeine kick but also some bonus protein! A must try if you haven't tried it yet!"

"This cold brew is amazing! I love dual purpose products! It’s so great to get the added benefit of 20g of protein in my ice coffee! The mix dissolves so quickly and completely in just cold water... I barely have to shake it!"

"I’m obsessed with this protein powder! I mix it with protein milk in the mornings so I get 40g of protein before I even leave the house. The flavour is delicious and it dissolves so well."

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