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Best protein powder!

I’ve tried numerous protein powders over the last 10 years and this one is my all time favourite! It does not taste like an actual protein powder and definitely tastes like a “Iced Vanilla Latte” from Starbucks. It’s such a hack, for your macros. Ive referred quite some people to use this protein coffee powder, as it truly is the best. Ive tried the Matcha, Regular Cold brew and the decaf one and really there is no wrong order with Polar joe. This will be a staple in my day-day for a long time. Absolutely love it!

It’s the drink - on repeat

This coffee protein, as well as the other flavours have become a staple in our home. Post workout, and as a delicious treat any time of day - many times a day. So glad to have stumbled upon these products a year ago - I’m sure to be restocking continually. :)

My Go To Coffee

Trying to focus on protein intake so started drinking this in place of my a.m. coffee. Love this flavour and actually look forward to it!

The best! Day OR Night

A shift working registered nurse, who runs marathons, needs both the required amount of protein AND caffeine to get through a day. This protein is a welcome addition to a cup of oatmeal, coffee, or ice water. Tastes great, dissolves well, and doesn’t cause any stomach issues. Big fan of taking this to work in the morning or sipping in during a night shift. Great work! Looking forward to trying more ☺️👍

A welcome habit

I love this so much. I actually look forward to drinking it everyday. I make mine with about 2/3 oat milk and water. It’s delicious! The only protein powder I’ve ever liked. Not gritty, no weird taste, literally tastes like a cold brew coffee. I’m a huge fan!