About The Polar Joe Cold Brew Company

What's in a name? For us, a lot. In a nutshell, "Polar"  a nod to our shared love of the outdoors and ice-cold beverages  and "Joe"  the friendly, old-fashioned way to order a cup of coffee  really represented a way to bundle-up our know-how and the benefits of a "fuel forward" philosophy into a simple-to-use, accessible, on-the-go product.

Indeed, after almost fifteen years of running a successful sports drink company (Gruppo Nutrition, formerly Infinit Nutrition Canada), our CEO decided that he wanted to make a product that would positively impact the lives of more Canadians (not just athletes). After over a year of adding our high quality whey isolate protein to his home brewed cold coffee and coming to the simple realization that many people love cold brew, he decided to create Polar Joe; a wholly-owned division of Gruppo Nutrition that features a unique lineup of caffeinated protein beverages.

If you're new to Polar Joe, welcome. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, high quality ingredients, and an active engagement with the outdoors and our community. Though we are now an international company, we still source nearly all of our raw materials from Canada — except our world-class New Zealand whey protein — and proudly manufacture in our own pharmaceutical standard facility in Windsor, Ontario. Stop by and visit!

We hope you’ll take a minute to learn more about our unique protein drinks by visiting us online at PolarJoe.com, interacting with us on social media, or by contacting me directly. I’d welcome your call.

Darcy Haggith | darcy@polarjoe.com | 519.567.8851
President & CEO, Gruppo North America