Polar Joe Reviews

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This tastes amazing!

Just like the cold brew coffee, we’re so happy with the vanilla latte brew. It’s so delicious! And the added protein gives me more energy throughout the day. Polar Joe doesn’t disappoint.

Classic Cold Brew - Decaf
Sleepless mommy
Can’t live without it

I absolutely love the decaffeinated version. I try to limit my caffeine in the afternoon and evenings and this allows me to still get my protein with out worrying it will keep me up. Same taste as the original, and sometimes I do a scoop of each for a lower caffeine option.

Perfect combo of energy and protein

Polar Joe coffees make my morning easier. I am starting the morning with a good cup of coffee with the added bonus of protein to help get to my daily intake. And, Polar Joe is so easy to deal with my orders. Super fast delivery (2-3 days)!

Matcha Pro-Tea
Erin Thomas
Sooo yummy

I admit to being a very picky matcha lover.
But this protein matcha latter powder exceeds my expectations 1000%. Delicious and great to drink anytime of day. Ordering my next bag asap.

SO good!!

I usually blend mine with an ice cube, a dash of maple syrup + collagen! It’s the BEST way to start the day! Probably the tastiest protein supplement I’ve tried so far!

I had to add some monk fruit sugar to make it sweeter, but this is definitely a personal preference since I really enjoyed the original one! I think I just really like sugar, haha 😆

Classic Cold Brew
Matthew V.P.
Love it!

I don't know if I could switch back to having regular coffee after this. I love the taste, and I'm adding to my protein intake. Highly recommend! Wish it was a little cheaper/got more, but I guess you can't complain about local quality!

Best of its kind

I love this shake. Gives me an energy boost and the protein I need. I’m gonna be buying it as long as they make it.

Didn’t love the tase, but like that it adds to my protein intake for the day via coffee

Completely hooked

I simply love this cold brew. The idea of a protein shake has never appealed to me, but this is a completely different experience. It just tastes like a delicious cold brew, not grainy, no protein powder flavour. I drink this because it tastes so good - not just because it supports good nutrition and the fact that I am getting 21 g of protein per serving. That’s just icing on the cake. Have recommended this to many friends - try it and you’ll get hooked too.


Smooth and enjoyable post early morning workout.

Filling, tasty, energizing and best of all no aftertaste

After we had a sample of these, I knew they were something special. We struggle to get protein in our diet and sadly most protein supplements have a horrible aftertaste. Polar Joe doesn’t. Polar Joe provides us with caffeine and protein which is perfect before leaving for a long drive or a day of golf. It mixes easily and tastes great. I love the convenience of the single packs so we can take them on the road.

Love this flavour!

Amazing stuff

I was searching for something different-- protein shakes all seem to be the same, heavy and grainy. This is by far the best shake I've been able to find. Light, creamy, lovely coffee taste. It will be hard to get me to try anything else.

Classic Cold Brew
Ian Saunders
Great stuff

Bought a bag to get away from the heavy milkshake feeling from normal protein. Exceeded expectations, very light and great for efficiency in the morning.

Evening drink

The taste does not disappoint! I can’t have multiple cups of Polar Joe with caffeine in the afternoon and evenings but this decaf gives me that option!

Love this product!

I love combining my morning coffee and my protein shake into one! This is super tasty. I prefer my ice coffee a little on the sweet side so I add a tablespoon of almond creamer to it and it’s a delicious way to start my day!!

Makes my mornings easier!

If you enjoy the coffee without sugar and you like the bitter flavour, this is for you!!

Classic Cold Brew
Sue Mcintyre
Absolutely Love!

This was simply the best drink my husband and I could have asked for after having finished our 16 kilometer hike out of Havasu Falls near the Grand Canyon area. After 5 hours of hiking in the hot sun with full packs, we poured this magic drink mix into our water bottles and - voila - we had delicious cold brew. Hit the spot. Absolutely loved it!!

Nice and Mild!

Another great product from Polar Joe. The matcha flavor is nice and subtle, not overwhelming. Super easy way to get some protein and a little boost from the matcha.

I find this mixes very easily in a shaker bottle and then I add a little ice and it is perfect. I would definitely recommend this!

The only enjoyable protein I've found!

I recently needed to start supplementing my protein and this is without a doubt the best/only enjoyable product I've been able to find! Highly recommend!!!

Absolutely the best!

That’s why we buy it in bulk! It used to be offered by the pail which we bought a few times. My wife and I use it for recovery after our training and quick hits when we’re rushing off to work. So we go through Polar Joe like crazy and absolutely love it. It helps get us to our recommended daily protein intake and tastes fantastic. We use it as the dangling carrot for our workouts and the triple pack is the most economical way to acquire it for addicts like us.

Delicious and low calories

I enjoy the taste, adds to my protein goal and gives me the hit of caffeine I need to get through the morning. It’s not chalky and easy to mix. I would recommend it.

Really tasty!

I like the coffee flavour! I find it a lot easier to take protein!

Classic Cold Brew
Jennifer Flanagan
Best protein coffee ever!

This coffee helps get my protein in first thing in the morning, which is sometimes hard to do while rushing out the door! It’s easy, tastes great & so quick!