DeepLeaf Plant-Based Protein

DeepLeaf Plant-Based Protein Overview

With DeepLeaf™ plant-based blends our goal is to provide products with a protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 1 - the same level of a high quality whey protein isolate. A protein with a PDCAAS of 1 must provide per unit of protein 100% or more of the essential amino acids required after digestion - essentially a measure of the quality of the protein. PDCAAS score of 1 is a high protein quality; PDCAAS scores of less than 1 have inferior quality. High quality proteins are important to support optimum skeletal muscle health.

Other than soybeans, single plant-based proteins alone do not deliver PDCAAS's of 1. In order to achieve them requires the blending of different plant-based proteins - like we chose to do with a blend of Pea Protein Isolate and Canola Protein Isolate - both exceptional protein sources, but only together can they deliver the desired PDCAAS of 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DeepLeaf protein?
A: DeepLeaf™ is the outcome of an innovation project supported by Protein Industries Canada in which Gruppo Nutrition Collaborated with Enhanced Medical Nutrition to create a plant based protein that had all the desirable characteristics of our Gold Standard Whey Protein Isolate.

Q: Are DeepLeaf™ protein products gritty and hard to mix, typical of most plant-based protein products available today?
A: No.  Key aspects of the plant based protein isolates utilized in DeepLeaf™ blends are they are smooth, easy to mix and easy drinking.

Q: Does DeepLeaf™ have 'beany notes' or an 'earthy taste'?
A: DeepLeaf™ has a desirable plant note, but not overpowering which allows them to closely match protein blends made with whey protein isolate.

Q: Is the protein purity of DeepLeaf™ on the same level of Whey Protein Isolates?
A: Yes. The plant based isolates are >90% pure protein.  Most plant based proteins on the market today are between 70 and 80% range.
Q: Can I use DeepLeaf™ proteins as I would with other Whey Protein Isolates?
A: Yes. Flavourless DeepLeaf™ RAW (from our parent company, Gruppo) can be mixed effortlessly in your favourite foods and smoothies to help you achieve your desired protein per day number.