Warm Up Your Next Polar Joe!

by Mackenzie Siddall

Another way to warm up your next Polar Joe 🔥

👇🏼 Step by step instructions listed below:

  1. Boil water 💧
  2. Pour the boiling water into a mug & allow it to sit/cool for approximately 5 minutes ⏰ (this step is extremely important because protein denatures when it is heated too high & will not blend at this high heat (instead it will cake up 🤢)
  3. Insert your handheld frother into the water & turn it on creating a vortex 🌪️
  4. Take 1 scoop of your Polar Joe blend of choice & slowly add little by little into the vortex. Allow the frother to blend the product into the warm water
  5. Take a 2nd scoop & repeat that same process noted above
  6. Continue to froth/blend until it is well mixed
  7. Enjoy your warm cup of protein rich caffeine 😊